Domain prices

As it was to be expected, the greatest interest was in single-digit domains from A to Z. But dozens of two-digit combinations have also fetched prices in the four-digit range. Below is an overview of the prices achieved for auctioned domains.

The domain, which reached more than €5,000 in the auction, was one of the most sought-after domains. It was followed by the other letters from a to z, all of which achieved prices in the four-digit range.

domain final auction price 5.272 € 4.410 € 3.000 € 2.625 € 2.000 €

But not only the single-digit letters achieved top prices. Comparatively high amounts were also bid for many two-digit combinations. The combination, for example, led the field in terms of the number of bids with a total of 54. It ultimately achieved a price of over € 2,200.

domain final auction price 2.200 € 2.000 € 1.500 € 1.329 € 1.115 € 1.250 €

The numbers from 0 to 99 also attracted the interest of the auction participants. First and foremost was the, which was finally auctioned off at a price of over € 3,800 after a total of 43 bids.

domain final auction price 3.800 € 2.925 € 1.543 € 1.447 €