In terms of pricing, Luxembourg's one- and two-digit domains are expected to follow a similar trend as those of other countries.

As expected, all one- and two-digit letter domains were registered. Based on the experience of past years, it can be assumed that domains that were currently purchased at auction by investors can be acquired on the free domain market in the future.

It is already becoming apparent that the single-digit domains from A to Z, which were currently auctioned off without exception in the four-digit range, have great upward potential. Based on the development of domain prices of comparable Top Level Domains (TLD), it is to be expected that single-digit lu domains will achieve prices in the five-digit euro range in the foreseeable future, if any of the total of only 26 domains available are offered at all.

The interest in the two-digit letter domains ending in .lu will be no less great in the future too, because it is already apparent here that the small number of domains is far from sufficient to satisfy the demand, especially since the Top Level Domain, TLD .lu, is in great demand not only within Luxembourg but throughout Europe and even overseas. Experts estimate that in the foreseeable future, on average, four-digit amounts will have to be invested to acquire double-digit .lu domains. Current offers on the leading domain exchanges are already in the five-digit range. The only exceptions are the less popular combinations with umlauts and special characters.